Monday, April 9, 2012

Week of April 9th

Last week we got most of what I wanted accomplished done. The course was mown again. We also reestablished the intermediate rough that was missing last year. I had to reorganize our staff in order to make sure we had enough people to get this done. Hopefully all of you who missed it, will enjoy seeing it return. We also have the course all marked with the hazard stakes and now out of bounds. We also spent the week prepping the irrigation system. This is a long process. Today we started to fill the lines . This will take us a few days of filling and looking for leaks etc. If we encounter any we will fix them and move on to filling another section. I'm not really in any hurry to water anything, but it will be nice to know that the system is available and running as well as a 20 year old system can. We have also started applying our Spring products. So you will see us out spraying  and or fertilizing over the next few weeks. We have also started working on the drinking water which we hope to have available in a few days. We do have some breaks in the lines that we are attending to first. We have also begun loaming and seeding the river bank work.

Starting the week of April 16th we will be Deep Tine Aerifying greens. This will lead to some disruption. Ill be passing along more information on this.

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